Košice Airport offers a whole variety of advertising options, from illuminating facilities, boarding passes to presentation on our website and many others. In addition, we are also open to atypical forms of advertising like placing of banners and welcome desks inside the terminal building or demo cars outside the terminal.

We solve every request individually with maximal responsibility and willingness to satisfy customer´s demand, with respect to security and operational measures.

Options for marketing cooperation with Košice Airport:

Illuminating advertising facilities:

  • backlight
  • citylight
  • light box
  • light panel

Other advertising areas

  • billboard
  • sticky label

Other forms of advertising

  • web page
  • boarding pass
  • security box
  • demo car
  • welcome desk
  • business model

We proceed every request individually with strong willingness to find solutions even for non-standard forms of cooperation.

In case you are interested in advertising at the premises of Airport Košice or you have some questions feel free to contact us:
+421 55 6832 109