History milestones

Kosice airport is based on military airfield. For many years there was a mixed use of military, commercial and sports air traffic.

History of aviation – or flying, if you wish – in Košice dates back to 1906. That year, on June 14, the citizens of the East-Slovak metropolis had the first opportunity to see a gas-filled balloon rising to the skies. In 1910, in a village of Krásna nad Hornádom (now part of Košice), first aviation day was organized, with three aircraft taking part. In 1920 first military airport was established in Košice (near the railway line to Hungary), which then served also civil aviation. Great day for Košice was May 5th in 1924, when the Czechoslovak state airlines (CSA) started to operate regular Bratislava-Košice flights (as a prolongation of the Prague-Bratislava route). Big aviation day was organized on the grounds of the former airport in 1925. After the Second World War scheduled flight to Košice started again in 1946 (on the Košice-Sliač-Bratislava-Brno-Praha route). Due to insufficient capacity of the old airport, which had only grass strip, it was decided, in 1950, to build a new airport near the city part Barca. Three years later a 2.000 meters long paved runway, taxiway and apron were put into operation. In 1955 CSA opened a nonstop connection between Prague and Košice, which was nicknamed East Slovak express. In 1959 military aviation schools were transferred to Košice, resulting in mixed military-civil operations at the airport. In years 1974-1977 the runway was lengthened by 1,100 meters. Further extensive modernization of the runway, taxiways and apron was performed in 1992-1993. To increase the passenger capacity of the airport, new terminal was built in years 2001-2004. In 2005 this terminal was awarded the Building of the year prize. In 2004 the joint-stock company Letisko Košice - Airport Košice was founded. In 2006 the privatization process of the company was completed. In 2007 the apron was enlarged, substantially increasing the number of aircraft stands.      


  • 1906 first balloon flight
  • 1926 first commercial flight
  • 60´s terminal construction - new location in Košice-Barca
  • 1992 establishment of Slovak Airports Authority
  • 2004 establishment of Letisko Košice - Airport Košice, a.s.
  • 2006 privatization