Integrated Management System

Košice International Airport is the second largest airport in Slovakia. The company is applying, retaining and up-grading the integrated management system (IMS), including the system of quality management, system of environmental management and system of security management and health and safety protection at work.

Using the consistent application of principles of the integrated management system by all employees, the executive management wills to assure permanent upgrading of all processes and achievements of the company with the accent to:

  • higher customer satisfaction with the quality of provided services
  • increasing of the number of flights and the number of passengers
  • increasing of the process activity and efficiency of the company
  • decreasing of negative environmental effects of the company processes
  • increasing of security, health and safety protection for all employees and for other cooperating organizations at work.

The executive management of the company is entering into an engagement to create conditions for following and upgrading of the principles of mentioned politics.