General Aviation and VIP flights

In the General Aviation Terminal we also provide the following basic services:

  • pre-flight assistance (METAR, NOTAM, etc.)
  • assistance on arrival / departure of aircraft,
  • technical handling, including technical provisions,
  • aircraft cleaning,
  • refuelling using aviation fuels
  • transport of crews and passengers by minibus or by contracted taxis,
  • arranging catering,
  • arranging accommodation for crews and others.

The clearance of crew and passengers for general aviation is performed in the terminal designated for general aviation. The refurbished premises of the terminal are equipped to ensure standard conditions for passengers and general aviation crews. The technical provisioning of the terminal enables clearance services to be offered independently of other parts of the airport. For the needs of passenger and crew clearance, places are available to perform the controls required for domestic and international transport. Passport control is provided by the Košice Border Police. Customs control of foreign transport is provided by the Customs Office, Košice Airport. Security checks of passengers and crew are provided by the Security Control Department.

For the convenience of general aviation crew and passengers, there is a very well equipped room with internet access, telephone and fax connections and, of course, the assistance of our handling staff.

Payment for services provided is possible:

  • in cash,
  • by invoice (payment by invoice is only possible for contractual partners),
  • using payment and credit cards (EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA).


Tel.: +421 55 6832 276 or +421 55 6832 100
Mob.: +421 918 111 745
Fax: +421 55 6427 602
email[email protected]


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