On Friday 17th November 2017 award ceremony was held in Porto as the part of BEA World Festival (Best Event Awards). In the competition of hundreds of events from all over the world, project created and delivered by Creative Pro for Košice Airport received two awards.

Live marketing campaign of Košice Airport and Creative Pro agency From Košice Around The World In 80 Hours was shortlisted in 3 categories: low budget, product/service launch and use of web and social media. On the ceremony, Creative Pro and Košice Airport received two awards: silver award in the category low budget and bronze award in the category use of web and social media. The decision was made by the jury consisting of event and marketing professional worldwide. In the competition of brands like Mercedes Benz, RedBull, Cisco, Rijks Museum of Amsterdam and many others, this is a massive success.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board of Košice International Airport, Michael Tmej: „Being able to reach more than 500 destinations with one stop only from a small regional airport like Košice is something unique. We are happy that together with our partner Creative Pro agency we were able to promote this fact in such a creative and effective way that it gained the attention of professional jury on the BEA World Festival. I would like to thank all the influencers involved and, of course, the head of the whole project, Creative Pro agency.”

Director of Creative Pro (KE) Štefan Hric: “To succeed in the competition with projects from all over the world and to get on the stage with – for example – creators of Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony is something we haven´t even dreamed of. WE showed the world where is Košice and that you don´t need a million budget if you want to create a world class event.”

The award winning project was based on the 5 influencers (youtuber Suelassie, comic Evelyn, blogger Lubo, IT manager Marek and foodblogger FoodTips Kosice) travelling from Košice to 5 different destinations (Istanbul, Dubai, Mauritius, New York, Bangkok) on board of Turkish Airlines. Main goal was to raise awareness about the fact, that on board of Turkish Airlines, people from Eastern Slovakia and neighbouring regions can fly to the whole world. Eventually, campaign´s total reach on social media was 6,1 million and most importantly: number of Turkish Airlines passengers flying to/from Košice is steadily growing.

Press release, Košice, 21st November 2017

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