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The conditions of entry are decided by the vaccination of passengers:

Definition of a fully vaccinated person:

  • minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 12 months have passed after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine,
  • minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 12 months have passed after a single dose,
  • minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 12 months have passed after the first dose of the vaccine, if the person has also recovered from COVID-19 within the last 180 days, 

Fully vaccinated passengers must show a COVID digital EU card or a vaccination certificate (in Slovak, Czech or English) upon entering the country. 

Every person has to register at eHranica and fill out a documentwhich is used to search for a passenger in connection with the protection of public health.

It is mandatory to register at eHranica every time you enter the territory of the Slovak Republic, this does not apply to:

  • the fully vaccinated - the first registration is valid for 6 months,
  • persons traveling for medical reasons - the first registration is valid for 1 week,

When arriving from countries that are not on the list below, it is necessary to have a negative RT-PCR test result no older than 72 hours. This condition applies to vaccinated people too.

Countries from which you do not need to have a negative test result: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, China, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Georgia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Canada, South Korea, Kosovo, Cuba, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macau, Hungary, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, San Marino, Northern Macedonia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, USA, Mexico, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican.


  • a 10-day quarantine is mandatory for all passengers (in case of a symptom-free course without testing),
  • they then may take a PCR test on or after day 5. Self-quarantine ends upon receiving the negative test results, or after 14 days (except for children under 12 years of age),
  • quarantine is also mandatory for members of the household in which the passengers are isolated.

Quarantine exemptions:

  • fully vaccinated persons,
  • persons who can not be vaccinated for health reasons - must prove the confirmation and a negative result of the RT-PCR test not older than 72 hours,
  • short-term entry for the purpose of participating in the funeral - it is necessary to prove a negative RT-PCR test no older than 72 hours. 
  • persons who entry the Slovak Republic exclusively for the purpose of work from / to EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Ukraine and have a permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia, resp. in the mentioned countries - it is necessary to submit a certificate from the employer + a negative result of the RT-PCR test not older than 7 days.



Fully vaccinated passengers and children under the age of 17 are no longer required to have a negative test result before entering the UK. Unvaccinated passengers are still required to prove a negative PCR or antigen test not older than 48 hours. An original in English, Spanish or French is required.

It is necessary to register in advance and pay for the test for COVID-19 here + fill in the passenger locator form, in which the reference number from the order for COVID-19 is also entered testing.

Unvaccinated passengers take this test on days 2 and 8 + a 10-day quarantine is mandatory, which can be completed with a negative test result on day 5.

Fully vaccinated passengers arriving from Slovakia will be exempted from the mandatory quarantine upon arrival from 7 January, testing on the 2nd day after arrival is still required.



Slovakia has been considered as a country with a very high risk of Covid-19 infection.

  • Before entering the country, passengers fill in the arrival form;
  • PCR testing (max. 72 hours) before entering the country (antigen test max. 48 hours old for passengers residing in the Czech Republic);
  • Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to undergo PCR testing no earlier than 5 days and no later than 7 days after arrival (exception for fully vaccinated and persons who overcame the disease before at least 11 days and at most 180 days).

Testing Exceptions:

  • persons vaccinated with 3 doses;
  • children under 12 years;
  • children from 12 years to 18 years who are vaccinated with 2 doses;
  • fully vaccinated passengers residing in the Czech Republic;
  • passengers residing in the Czech Republic who have overcome the disease in the last 180 days;
  • for more information click here.



All passengers arriving in Poland from Slovakia are required to prove a negative test result (antigen or PCR test) in English or Polish not older than 48 hours upon entering the country.


  • fully vaccinated passengers;
  • persons who overcame the disease Covid-19 - max. 6 months before entering the country;
  • students studying in Poland.


All passengers entering Poland by air are obliged to fill in the passenger's location card, you will find it on this link.



From 20 December, stricter conditions for entry into Austria apply.

Fully vaccinated persons and persons who have overcome Covid-19 disease are obliged to prove a negative PCR test on departure - max. 72 hours old. Unvaccinated passengers are required to complete a registration form and undergo a 10-day quarantine upon arrival, which can be shortened by a negative PCR test, which they will undergo on day 5. Passengers who present a confirmation of a third dose of vaccine are exempted from testing, quarantine and registration.

All certificates must be in German or English.



Passengers over the age of 11 arriving in Ireland from Slovakia from December 3rd shall prove at the time of entry:

Vaccinated passengers / overcoming disease:

  • confirmation of full vaccination or confirmation of overcoming Covid-19 disease.

Unvaccinated passengers:

  • negative PCR test that was performed no later than 72 hours before arrival.


All passengers are required to complete a Passenger Locator Form


!WARNING! Passenger is responsible for monitoring the current conditions.



Country Entry conditions Exceptions
Czech Republic registration form + tests fully vaccinated persons
Austria  quarantine + registration form >registration form< negative test, vaccinated persons, persons who have overcome COVID-19
United Kingdom negative PCR or antigen test in English + PCR test on the day 2 and 8 +  >passenger locator form< fully vaccinated persons
Poland negative test result max. 48 hours old + registration vaccinated persons, persons who have overcome COVID-19, students
Ireland  registration + tests vaccinated persons,  persons who have overcome COVID-19



Air company and airline  Destination Planned resumption of flights Information and tickets
Austrian Airlines Vienna Fully operational.

+421 250 112325 (from Slovakia)

+43 1 70148 1000
WizzAir London - Luton

Fully operational.

0900 20 50 50
  Doncaster Sheffield Fully operational.  
Ryanair London - Stansted

Fully operational.
  Liverpool Fully operational.  
  Prague Fully operational.  
  Warsaw Fully operational.  
  Dublin Fully operational.  
  Vienna Fully operational.  
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw Suspended

+48 22 577 77 55

In case your flight was cancelled or you have any questions concerning your flight, please contact the air company directly. The contacts are listed in the table above.

The resumption of flight connections by air lines depends on the decisions of the individual air lines, and of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic as well as of the Government of the Slovak Republic.


All passengers are required to fill out an e-form for locating a passenger (Public Health Passenger Locator Form -„PLF“) published on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

Link for the form:


The Hands-Face-Space principle is applied on the airport premises and during flights. Therefore, the following instructions must be followed:

Nose and mouth must be covered
Wearing a respirator is obligatory at Košice International Airport and aboard the planes during flights.

Social distancing
Spacing of 2 metres is marked in the areas where queues are formed at the whole airport.

Contactless payments
Contactless payments lower the risk of virus transmission during manipulation with cash. We recommend you to use contactless payment.

Online flight arrangements
Flight arrangements, including check-in, are possible online to avoid waiting and coming into unnecessary contact with other people at the airport. 

Restriction of refreshments
Some airports might have restrictions of refreshment shops, and the offer of food and beverages on planes might be limited.


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