In the public part of the terminal

Propeller Bistro – Have you come to the airport early? Inside the T2 terminal next to the departure hall you can find Propeller Bistro, where even before taking off you can have a coffee or other alcoholic or soft drink. During the summer season you can relax on the terrace outside

Opening hours:

Monday 03 am 07 am   12 pm 3 pm
Tuesday 03 am 07 am   12 pm 9 pm
Wednesday 03 am 07 am   12 pm 9 pm
Thursday 03 am 07 am   12 pm 3 pm
Friday 03 am 07 am   12 pm 8 pm
Saturday  03 am 07 am   6 pm 9 pm
Sunday 12 pm 9 pm      

Aircafe – this combined café and bistro is a pleasant place to spend your time before departure or after arrival, open 24 hours a day.

Departure hall

Airwine - next to departure gate D you can enjoy a great coffee, try our exquisite Slovak wines or fine spirits. Always open during departure times.

Dolly bar - departure hall, next to departure gate A. Always open during departure times.

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