Because of its unique location right in the heart of Europe and close to national borders, Košice Airport is the right place to develop your business in cargo transportation. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Tel: +421 55 6832 220

Professional preparation and experience are our stock in trade. Over the past years we have arranged the trouble-free handling of various types of cargo planes, the most well known being particularly the Ruslan - Antonov AN124, Iljusin IL76, Tupolev TU204, Antonov AN12, Antonov AN26, Hercules C130, DC8, and also smaller types such as the Fairchild SW4, Saab 340 and Dornier Do 228, which most frequently visit Košice Airport.

Within the airport site there are three freight transport companies:

Company Tel Fax Email
R- Cargo +421 55 6832 247 +421 55 6832 260
Skyport +421 55 6832 102 +421 55 7897 901
TNT +421 55 6832 148 +42155 6832 308


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