Assistance services at the airport

Passengers with reduced mobility, immobile passengers, passengers with visual or hearing impairments are entitled to free assistance services when passing through the airport under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006. Passengers are entitled to assistance services if:

• They require assistance upon arrival at the airport and during their time at the airport,

• They require assistance when disembarking via stairs to the airplane, but can walk to their assigned seat on their own,

• They are completely immobile and require assistance all the way to their seat on the airplane,

• They require assistance in the case of special medical conditions, but do not require transportation in a wheelchair.

Medical equipment, such as crutches, can be taken on board the aircraft. It is not necessary to declare them.

The space at Košice airport is designed to be barrier-free, starting with the parking lot, where three parking spaces for disabled people are marked near the P2 building. The access from the parking lot to the building and to the exit to the aircraft is also designed to be accessible. The specially adapted toilets are visibly marked, and wheelchairs are available for passengers, which can be provided by the airport staff upon request.

In the event that a passenger needs to use the services of airport staff, this must be reported no later than 48 hours before the scheduled departure to the airline, either through the website (at the time of booking the ticket) or through the call center, or by notifying the travel agency.

Upon arrival at Košice airport, such a passenger contacts the check-in staff who will assist them with all formalities at the airport until boarding. Upon request and after checking in, the staff will provide a free chair for such a passenger, which will accompany them all the way to the aircraft.

Downloadable: Regulation of the European Parliament

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