After arriving at the airport, you have three parking options to choose from:

  • P1 (short-term parking) Parking at the car park P1 is charged from the moment of entry. The parking fee is €5 for the first hour and €5 per hour (or part thereof) for additional hours. 

  • P2short-term/express - if you want to see your friends, family or business partner off, welcome them or take them to the airport, you can use the P2 parking lot which offers parking up to 10 minutes for free. The price for 1. hour of parking since entering the lot (including the first 10 minutes of parking for free) is €3.
  • P3 (long-term parking) If you are traveling on holiday or longer business trip, you can use the convenient and economical long-term parking in the car park P3 with a minimum parking time 8 hours. Prices for long-term parking are listed in the price list below.

The reservation system is unavailable. But you do not need worry as there are enough parking spaces at the car parks.

All cars are monitored by the camera system during the entire parking period. After arriving at the car park, please keep your parking ticket, because you will need it for payment and for leaving the car park. The airport parking is fully automated.

You can pay for parking at two parking pay stations located in front of the terminal building, either in cash, using coins with a nominal value of €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €2 and banknotes with a nominal value of €5, €10, €20, €50, or by credit card (contactless payment available).

Travellers using car parks P2 and P3 can now pay by card (without the need to enter a PIN), mobile phone or smart watch at the exit ramps, bypassing the pay stations and experiencing a smoother and quicker exit process.

Parking P1 and P2Parking P3

Please note that the parking pay stations give back maximum value of €20!

After paying the parking fee, it is necessary to leave the parking area within 10 minutes.

You can find more information in the price list above.

If you have any further questions regarding parking, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

mapa letiskaP1 - short-term parking, €5 /1 hour

P2 - long-term parking, €2.50 /1 hour (10 minutes for free)

P3 - long-term parking              

ACD - automatic parking pay station

ACC – automatic parking pay station at the exit – credit cards only

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